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About Us

Our Mission

Freedom Stories is an innovative community service, evolved from over 50 years of personal lived experience, education and professional development.

The services extend from individual personal and professional counselling and support to life skills training and development with over 20 years of professional practice in small business development, counselling, leadership and working within the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) arena.

Freedom Stories is able to offer professional supervision and counselling support for your staff: leadership training, resolving workplace issues, career counselling, resume development, interview skills. Jeff also brings extensive experience in group facilitation, conflict resolution & mediation.

Our Vision

To empower and guide individuals, families and communities, towards authentic & meaningful life transformation.

Jeff has guided and supported hundreds of individuals and families suffering from the devastating impact of addiction. His scope of expertise includes alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, work, shopping, food, sex etc. The process of recovery is fundamentally the same for all addictive behaviours – “Awareness, Acceptance & Action”.

Challenging times, life crisis, grief & trauma are unfortunately part of the human experience. The more support you have though, the better you will transition through these difficult times. If Jeff can’t guide towards a solution, he will do everything in his power to refer you to someone who can alleviate your struggle.
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Meet Our Founder

jeff ellison

Jeff Ellison, B.A. Psych, Dip Couns, ACA (L4), ACT, ACCS

Jeff, our professional counsellor, shares his unique down-to-earth, solution-focused approach to therapy, which arises primarily out of his own life experience. Having overcome his own addictions to substances and behaviours, he understands first-hand the challenges and complexity of addiction. More importantly, what it takes to turn your life around. Jeff has experienced the devastating impact that addiction and mental health issues have on one’s sense of self, health and wellbeing, family, intimate relationships and parenting.

Although he values education, Jeff offers a unique quality of guidance and support that cannot be taught through university studies alone. He journeys alongside those searching for freedom and authenticity, whilst engaging in personal reflection with genuine compassion. Jeff’s mission: “Empowering others towards authentic and meaningful life transformation.”

Jeff Ellison has a Bachelor of Psychology, Diploma in Counselling (ACA Level 4), ACT advanced training with Russ Harris, and is a qualified Professional Supervisor. His ongoing commitment to education and training is complemented by over 10 years of professional practice within the Salvation Army Recovery Services.

Jeff has walked along-side hundreds of individuals experiencing multiple addiction and mental health issues, while successfully guiding them towards positive change.

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