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In Australia, we spend approximately 1/3 of our lives working to maintain our lifestyle, security, and financial freedom. The job market continues to increase in competition each year, so it is essential to have a professional resume, and to be prepared for the job interview. If you are contemplating a career change, Freedom Stories can help!

Interview Training

The key to successful interviewing is in the preparation. Through our interview training workshop, you will go through a job interview simulation, where you can practice how you would answer the questions, then receive feedback afterwards.

$ 132 / hr
  • Career Discussion
  • Professional Resume
  • Interview Training

Resume - Consultation, Review and Update

Having a resume that is concise and professional is a sure way to get employers to actually read your Resume and give you a chance for the interview.  We create brand new Resume's that will increase your likelihood of securing the interview.

$ 220
  • Career Discussion
  • Professional Resume
  • Interview Training

Mental Health Counselling

Challenging times, life crisis, grief and trauma are unfortunately part of the human experience. The more support you have, the better you will transition through these difficult times. If Jeff can’t guide you towards a solution, he will do everything in his power to refer you to someone who can alleviate your struggle.

Symptoms & Issues

LGBTQ Counselling
& Support

We acknowledge the community’s vulnerability to a unique set of stressors, resulting from living as a sexual minority. In addition to the common relationship issues faced by heterosexual couples, LGBTQ people face increased rates of stress due to social stigma and prejudice, which can affect their self-esteem, sexuality, intimacy and relationships. This ongoing stress can result in experiences of trauma, isolation, shame, anxiety, depression and suicide.

Relationship Counselling

Sometimes it can be difficult to have conversations with your partner, regarding sensitive topics or maybe you are going through a tough period in your relationship.

Jeff offers a safe, confidential environment where you are mentored on how to improve your relationship with your partner through: 

  • Learning how to communicate effectively.
  • Learning how to cope with stressful events.
  • Reigniting your emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Helping you understand what you like and dislike about your partner

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is the process whereby a counsellor can speak to someone who is trained to identify any behavioural and/or psychological changes in the counsellor that could be due to an inability to cope with issues of one or more clients. A supervisor is also responsible for challenging practices and informing supervisee’s of alternative theories and/or new practices, as well as changes in the industry. 
Supervisees must complete a minimum of 10 hours per year to maintain their ACA registration. The supervisor is responsible for observing the mental health of their supervisee in turn protecting the public from poor practices. Counsellors can face issues such as transference and burn out without any recognition of the symptoms. A professional supervisor would notice the symptoms long before the counsellor. Supervision is a learned discipline separate from counselling.

Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision is more than a requirement; it's your gateway to excellence in counselling. We offer personalized guidance, ensuring you navigate challenges effectively. We're here to empower your growth. Uphold industry standards, prioritise your well-being, and enhance your counselling journey through Professional Supervision.

$ 88 / hr

Group Supervision

Experience the power of collective insight with our Group Supervision sessions. Engage in a supportive community of peers, where shared experiences enrich your counselling journey. These sessions provide a collaborative space to navigate challenges, explore new perspectives, and refine your professional skills

$ 55 / hr
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