Freedom Stories



Hey Jeff, So sorry I haven't been in contact. I literally said to a gf that I must update you You were a big big part in getting me through this as I felt really connected to you. I'm glad and so grateful for your support and time that you gave me. I'm really very grateful Jeff and I just can't say thank you enough 😊 I feel stronger, happier, fresher and clearer AND I finally quit the ciggies again so yeah I'm doing really well now and just moving forward. Thank you so much once again Jeff, I appreciate everything.


Hi Jeff I wanted to let you know that I got that job I applied for! Thank you so much for all your help prepping me and giving me confidence for the interview. I was a bit nervous but managed to answer the questions well. Thank you!


Hi Jeff Just wanted to let you know that I was successful in gaining the position and start my new role next week. I wanted to thank you for all your help, it was much appreciated and you helped to no end with my confidence and self-belief. The skills you have provided will stay with me throughout my career. Take care and all the best for 2023


Jeff is one of the most amazing & skilled at what he does! The Butt Kickers Book is filled with so much value it has genuinely been a game changer for me! I highly recommend Freedom Stories with any of your counselling needs!

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