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Wheels in Motion

What is Wheels in Motion?

Wheels in Motion is an innovative, goal-setting therapeutic approach which evolved from Jeff’s experience in working with thousands of individuals and groups, in the context of addiction and behaviour change. Together the wheels & book will guide you through the process of transformation, whilst reinventing yourself as a non-smoker.

Therapeutic goal-setting tool for Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers and Case Managers, who are working with individuals, couples, families, groups and communities.

This innovative tool is the foundation for all Freedom Stories products and services

“To empower and guide individuals, families and communities,
towards authentic & meaningful life transformation”

The Core: Empire Within

  • Represents the Self: the I, the My, the Observer, the Watcher,
  • Or what I prefer to call “The Transient Time Traveller”.
  • LAYER 1: The 4 primary Human Natures

  • Aligned with the 4 Universal Elements (Fire, Air, Water & Earth)
  • Social and sexual natures are embedded within the outer layers of the wheel
  • LAYER 2: Realms of Life

  • Compartmentalise your Identity and Well-being.
  • They represent the foundation of who you are, but also who you are not (Authentic v’s False Self).
  • The Realms hold the keys to your hopes, dreams & sense of purpose, but also your mental health issues, unhealthy behaviours and toxic relationship patterns.
  • LEVEL 3: Guiding Principles

  • Principles align with the Realms to uncover your authenticity and keep you accountable
  • Together they reveal was is truly important to you, which in turn, defines your identity and the meaning of life, for you!
  • LEVEL 4: Shadow Self

  • This layer represents the negative characteristics and limitations, which show up in your actions, behaviours and relationships
  • LEVEL 5: Authentic Self

  • Values in the outer layer, are the positive qualities and strengths which also show up in your actions, behaviours and relationships
  • The Butt Kickers Book

    Empowering Individuals To Make Healthy Choices In Order To Take Back Their Freedom, Is The Fundamental Goal Of Butt Kickers.

    Butt Kickers offers a unique approach to quitting smoking which takes into account the eclectic diversity of individual history, circumstances and learning styles. The models and activities have been created from a blend of psychological theory, evidence-based programs and therapeutic approaches:

    • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
    • Solution-Focused & Person-Centred Therapies
    • Mindfulness
    • Cognitive Dissonance Theory
    • 12-Step programs
    • The Science of Neuroplasticity
    • Theological principles and Philosophy
    Butt Kickers Book

    New Book Coming Soon

    This exciting new book is also built on the foundation layers of the Wheels in Motion. The principles and process of change are the same as Butt Kickers Quit Smoking program. This book however, provides strategies from Lived Experience while targeting any behaviour / addiction that you (or your client) are wanting to change. Keep an eye out for the release in 2024

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